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The World Beyond…Here’s what a Choto Manush said…

  Hello friends. I’m afraid I won’t be blogging for a while owing to half term holidays, Diwali and other commitments. But I’ll be around – so feel free to give me your feedback or interact with on my facebook … Continue reading

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Chikan Embroidery

  Chutki also spoke about Chikan in her blog the other day. Chikan is a type of embroidery for which Lucknow is famous the world over. Traditionally, Chikankari was done with white threads on white muslin cloth.     But … Continue reading

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Power begets…

  Yesterday Chutki spoke about how her mother had to work late into the night, in spite of having a job in the Nawab’s palace. In 1855, exploitation was taking place at two levels in kingdoms like Avadh. While the … Continue reading

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Kimkartavyavimud (Chutki’s Blog 3)

  11th October 1855.    I’m so excited. Navratri’s starting tomorrow. My friends and I have made so many plans. Love October! So many festivals. So much to do. But this mother of mine… Last night she was embroidering a … Continue reading

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The World Beyond – Here’s what the reviews said…

  Here’s a review of the book: Another raj story; English girl meets her prince charming. And he is tall, dark, handsome and a prince to boot. A nawab. The inevitable happens. But does love triumph in the end? Well, … Continue reading

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Cricket in the 19th Century

  Wishing all of you a very Happy Dusehra. Did you read Nayansukh’s blog yesterday? He was playing cricket on this very day, exactly 150 years ago. But back then, cricket wasn’t exactly how we know it today. For instance, … Continue reading

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This is Cricket… (Nayansukh’s blog 2)

  5th October 1855. 5.00 pm.   Hello. Nayansukh again. Did I tell you I’m a sepoy in the Angrezi army? Well, Sahib has called me to his bungalow today. While I wait outside for the urgent letter I need … Continue reading

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En Route to Learning…

  Happy Ashtami friends. Today I’d like to share a Bengali short story called En Route to Learning…, that I had written a long time back. I hope you enjoy it Here’s the link -  

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