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A captain abandons his sinking ship. He is court-martialed. Stripped of his badges and captaincy. His father disowns him, ashamed to have a coward for a son. The captain is mobbed; abuses hurled at him as he walks down the street. The captain is Amitabh Bachhan. The movie – Kala Patthar.

I saw this movie when I was little. But that walk of shame has haunted me ever since. And then, just last week, another actor walked into my drawing room in a similar fashion and reminded me of that scene…


Click here - The Walk

Here’s what Riit, a diehard fan has to say – “The walk in the rain – silent, yet saying so much… I almost thought; felt I was watching a Hollywood classic! The furious calm – only KKK can manage it.”

I ought to be grateful to Sunny Leone. I think it was December 2011. Everyone seemed to be talking about her, so I switched on my TV to watch Big Boss. During the break there was a promo. A carefree young lad, dressed casually, with a dhinchak ringtone on his mobile, talking to a widow, the mother of two giggly kids. Ah ha! So finally a daily that was different from all the Saas, Bahu aur Bakwaas. A soap that was reminiscent of shows like Malgudi Days – known for their simplicity and touch with reality.



I was definitely going to watch Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha, I decided. I loved the actress, Akanksha Singh – so simple and yet so elegant and beautiful and the two adorable munchkins. I wasn’t too sure about the actor though. Well, to be fair, he was playing the boy next door or rather – the boy across the street and he looked the part.

Ahh. Little did I know then, that the actor playing the ordinary-looking Mohan Bhatnagar was not so ordinary after all. In the months to come, he was not only going to play his role with aplomb, but go on to win the ITA award for the best actor.

KUNAL KARAN KAPOOR. So what is it about him that makes his fans so fond of him?

Is it his eyes that speak volumes? In their depths the viewers have seen the love and desires of a passionate young man in ssn1 and the anguish of a tortured soul in ssn2. In a show where the language of the eyes and nuances are more important than dialogues, Sudhir Sharma could not have made a better choice.


Is it because he emotes so well? Because he gives 100 – nay, 200% to his role? Because he has the vision, the focus – like Arjun, to nail every scene, every nuance, every single shot?

Or is it his humility? The fact that he’s so down-to-earth? So unassuming?

Is it because he’s a source of inspiration? The type of person a lot of us aspire to be?

The list is endless. Here’s what some of his fans have to say -

“What I like the most about him is that he is genuine and totally comfortable with himself…  his vulnerability coupled with his guarding his own space – a weird combination that somehow is very endearing…and most of all, his honesty, acting genius, and dedication to his profession ..How can you not love such a person?” – Asmi.

“I luv everything about him…everything…as a person i luv ppl who give their heart and soul to their work…he inspires me as a person…he has taught me to be patient…he’s been a part of this industry so long…and after so many years he got what he actually deserves the most…YES KKK…U R THE KING..NOT JUST AS AN ACTOR BUT AS A HUMAN BEING TOO…” – Sakshi.


“I love his honesty, modesty, simplicity, his worship towards work n giving cent percent in each n every scene and movement – that’s dedication; the way he thinks that he’s not perfect or best, even though he is.” – Sah.

“He has taught us to have patience & work hard. No short-cut & it will be recognized.” – Raji.

“I just love the fact that he erases from memory any shortcoming I have or any unpleasantness I am encountering  …by his mere presence on screen, his acting … the endearing manner he just enters rightfully into our hearts and warms it  …nothing compares to it…” – Jay.

“For me, KKK is a complete package – I find everything abt him fascinating & interesting – on screen as well as off-screen and that’s a killer combo.” - Ishani.


Pictures – Sabsfathima


But the one quality that endears him to all of us lies in his own answer, given in a recent radio interview. When asked about the dissimilarities between him and Mohan, the character he portrays in NBT, he replied – “Mohan never gives up hope. And me being human, I do at times.”

Yes, that’s what makes us so fond of him – that he’s human, he’s one of us. Not an unapproachable star, shining from afar. Rather, the boy next door, close to our hearts.



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  1. Sharmila Gupta Sen says:

    Awesssome write up Hansa…
    and so many similarities with .. I also decided to watch the show after watching its promo in between Bigg Boss…had no idea about KKK but turned his die hard fan.. Love him more bcz of his openness and intelligence which reflects in his words..
    and you know…that question .. Dissimilarities between Mohan and Kunal was my question..too happy to see its mention in ur write up.

    (When asked about the dissimilarities between him and Mohan, the character he portrays in NBT, he replied – “Mohan never gives up hope. And me being human, I do at times.”)

    • admin says:

      OMG! I had no idea it was your question. To be fair, we didn’t know each other then. And I just noticed, you had commented on this blog when I first posted it. Scroll through the comments and see if you can find it :)

  2. Ankush Naskar says:

    Nyc article….there cud have been no alternative to K3 fr ths role..he makes it so realistic..i have lived in the character fr the last two yrs..felt his joy and grief..all credit to K3..Hats off K#

  3. Rajbijz says:

    Ur blog has thrown so many surprises at me. U are a master story teller. I absolutely loved ur title & they way The Walk was connected with Kaala Pathar. those scenes are so vivid within me. Kunal’s walk was so hearth wrenching and I can without doubt say that was the best TV has ever scene. There is something about him which makes me think about him almost every other moment. No actor/ actress has ever done that to me maybe because Kunal is not an actor. He lives the character and he makes us go through that with him thru his amazing talent which has no words. We need a new dictionary for Kunal :) & he truly inspires us every single day. Bless him.
    Thank you Hansa for this lovely write up on him. Will truly cherish it :)

  4. Swati V says:

    Thanks for this beautifully written article. Agree with every word you wrote, except, the first time I saw Kunal performing was not in the NBT promo. It was the episode 2 of Season 1. My accidental found while channel surfing. in less than 30 seconds, Kunal’s performance made me stop surfing and continue to watch the repeat telecast of NBT season 1 episode 2 being aired in the afternoon.

    So I found him different, worth watching instantly, in his very first few words as he talks to Guru on phone. Oh! what voice and what carefree and yet confident Attitude! I started my journey to be a fan that very moment.

    thanks for this lovely post.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Swati and thanks for sharing :) It’s wonderful getting to know how each one of us got hooked to this awesome show :)

  5. Sakhi says:

    Beautifully written. Word to everything what you have written about it and yes this human quality about KKK and his character is what makes him so special and endearing!

  6. Narmada says:

    Thanks a lot for d wonderful article on KKK… Every word n every sentence is so real wen it comes to him…. His eyes a tell many things rather than his words… His fans can’t stop seeing him n loving him….

  7. nisha says:

    Kuddos yaar Sangeeta, literally I second every word u have written. He is indeed an inspiration to one and all. And indeed his eyes speaks volumes. To me Kunal is like an old friend, whom I knew but lost. So he reminds me of my best buddy ever. U have actually written what we fans wanna say to him. How we all feel about him. N darling u did a comendable job. Really…loads n loads of thanx to u n I really wish n wil pray ki Kunal aapka yeh article pade. Gud luck dear n thanx again:)

    • admin says:

      Thanks a lot Nisha. I’m really touched by all that you’ve written. Yeah, hope he not only reads it, but likes it as well. Fingers crossed ;)

  8. Madiha says:

    wat an article…i second each n every word of urs…..its truely truely truely love him he is amazing for watever he does…he is the best n we r short of words to explain him hatss off

  9. Madhuri says:

    Awww Loved what u have written about Kunal..He is Truly a Gem,an awesome human being and an actor par excellence!!Thank u for this Wonderful Article

  10. shubham gupta says:

    Thanks a lot for such beautiful article…I have no words to describe what i felt when i read this. you have written everything a KKK fan desires toread..too good awesome job… yu made my day thank you so much………..

  11. Lakshmi M says:

    Thanks a lot for such beautiful article… (Y)…what a comparison…he is really the genius Amitabh of tellywood… I have left with no words now in my dictionary in praise of this talented actor…my good wishes to him.A proud fan of KKK :) .

  12. It was a complete surprise to come across such an article this morning. But I was taken a back when I read that the writer wasn’t too sure about the actor and that it is only his other qualities that make him so likeable. But after appreciating all that you have said about this actor I could make one thing clear that I as an avid fan of this actor would like to tell you that I find him very good looking and an attractive man. The way he looks at the woman he loves and the way he has approached him I have never seen in my life and the sincerity of his eyes is so real
    that it makes you cry. After KKK as a romantic actor I don’t think I could watch another and feel the same way. Apart from that the element of comedy which he showed in
    his office scenes sometimes was hilarious. Then his anger in the street when he finds that Megha has been insulted by a mere vendor
    and he vents his anger with such passion was so real and not mere exhibition to please his
    lady love. And all the million ways in which he went through the serial making us so adorable to us are something that never be forgotten. He is indeed a genuine actor and we should be grateful to Mr Sudhir Sharma to notice an actor somewhere in Pratigya I think
    and to take him up for this great part which he deserved. I love him and he has a beautiful face which all of us can never tire
    of admiring.

    • admin says:

      I agree with you dear and I was only talking about my first impression of him. Yes he is a very handsome man and stylish at that. And I too love him for all that you have stated above and more ;)

  13. Sreeja says:

    Wow . An awesome article indeed . No words to describe How much I liked your article.Kunal Karan Kapoor is the best. One look at him and you are connected with him .Kunal is a wonderful actor who emotes each and every feelings ,each and every expressions so perfectly .He gives a 200% performance to the show .. Hats off to him . Thanks to you for giving a wonderful article !!!
    As you said I desperately want Kunal to read this article .Al his scenes have got a classic touch ..

  14. Polly says:

    Sangeeta, thank you for this wonderful writeup on Kunal. you have penned down each and every quality of Mohan as to what makes us adore him so much ..but i think this one line sums it up all ,

    ” Is it because he’s a source of inspiration? The type of person a lot of us aspire to be?”

    yes, he is my source of inspiration indeed ..there is something about him that i have never felt wrt other actors ever. no wonder “some” of his peers are so scared of him .. they try to remind themselves and their fans everytime that “they are the best” , but they forget this simple thing ..KKK is someone comparable only to Mr.Amitabh Bacchan aur Amitabh Bacchan sirf ek hi hota hai !

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Polly.

      Yes, he inspires me as well. I’m not much into blogging and look what he has done. LOL!!!

  15. shumna says:

    Love the article. KKK’s portrayal of Mohan, has been so realistic, I have been living his trails and tribulations on reel life with him. love his simplicity.

  16. rekhabaglodi says:

    woderfull post really kunal karan kapoor the best actor in the world.

  17. Sharmila Gupta says:

    What a beautiful article it is….
    I’m so touched..Kunal is flawless in every scene..in every emotion..
    I’ve never seen any actor other than Amitabh Bachchan who can handle every emotion so perfectly like Kunal..
    He is a Great combo of Talent,Style,Looks n Hard work..I’m Proud to be his fan…

  18. Raghavia Nbtian says:

    WOW!!! is the first word coming into my mind after reading this amazingly written article about kunal karan kapoor. Thanks ton for penning down what every kunalian feels for him. Watching him onscreen is such a treat, that one can write a book on. I hope he gets to read thhis, GodBless you and Kunal amen.

  19. Bidushy says:

    Awww! This is beautiful! Loved it and so trueee you’re saying! I just stay speechless, seeing this guy. He’s too amazing to explain in words. His dedication to his work, his passion for traveling and reading, his down-to-earth nature, his fun-loving attitude with his costars in the segments – everything about him does something to me <3 Proud to be a mad fan of KKK! :D

    • admin says:

      Thanks Bidzie. Am glad you like it. Yes, words are never enough to do justice for all that he stands for :)

  20. sakshi says:

    muuuahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!to u as well KKK….lovely,beautiful,so much kunalish….i just want him to read this and realize he’s so inspiring to all of us and millions throughout the world…god bless u and kunal..!

  21. Sah says:

    You are amazing,fantabulous, excellent writer. you articulated so well and completely how most of his fans feel for him. I am short of words to describe my feelings after reading this gem of writing. I wish you keep on updating this blog accordingly and mesmerize us.
    Saba thanks for fantastic pics

  22. Sabahath Fathima says:

    I have no words to describe what i felt when i read this. you have written everything a KKK fan desires to read..too good awesome job…i cant even praise this..becoz i am short of wrods…you made my day..thank you so much Hansi

    • admin says:

      You are too kind Sabu. Thank you so much for uploading and editing the pictures in spite of your temperature. Hope you’re feeling better now :)

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