And then there was snow…


Preparations were on for the Valentine’s Day book signing. Posters had been designed and printed. All I needed to do now was to go to my website and get the ISBN number and other such details for the fliers. So I typed – and pressed enter. Then I stared at the screen. And stared, my mouth falling open.

Instead of the familiar homepage designed by Harmeet and his team, all I could see were some green flags and banners and some nonsense about Kashmir. And it even declared ever so proudly that my website had been hacked by so and so. I was outraged. I literally felt as though I had been robbed; my personal space defiled.

Anyway, the reason why I mention this is to apologise to all those who saw the link to my website on the leaflets and posters and tried to check it out but were unable to do so. I can assure you that the hackers have been vanquished and my website is now up and running.

Alas, the hacking was not the end of my woes. Just two nights before the signing, the snow came. Thick and fast. I looked out of the window, woebegone. Usually the sight of snow makes me shout yahoo like Shammi Kapoor or wax lyrical like Kajol in Gupt, sans the gyrations ;) (mere khwabon mein tu, meri sasoon mein tu…). But all I could manage this time was a whisper – “You too Mother Nature?” :(

But my husband, the eternal optimist, reassured me – “It’s just 2 days away from Valentine’s day. Blokes are sure to come.”

And they did… and the signing went off pretty well. They came in spite of the freezing weather. One came even though it was the death anniversary of her husband; a fellow writer skipped lunch and stood there in the cold for three hours, just to help me out. Then there were the online friends, whom I had never met before, but recognised the moment they stepped into the shop – such is the power of the internet. A school friend whom I had not met ever since I passed out of school – all smiles and encouragement. Even if I hadn’t sold a single copy that day – my day would still be memorable because of them and many more.

I was also touched by the help extended to me by the local community, whether it was in the form of distributing the fliers, putting up posters in their shop windows or spreading word about the book as well as the signing. I truly feel humbled by the response and help received.

Thank you – each and everyone of you for your love and support. I feel truly blessed :) Together we managed to conquer the hackers as well as Mother Nature! Yaayy!!! :)




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