Smiles are Forever…




In the last 2-3 years, I’ve put up many a status about my dental woes:

I thought I was saving for my old age, but my dentist had other plans.

Am going to say my final farewell to Chintu Molar. Please pray his soul rests in peace.

Want to lose weight without dieting or working out? Get a couple of teeth extracted. Weight loss within two weeks guaranteed. Else your money back.

But the fact is, I have much to thank my dentists and orthodontist for. As a kid, my front two teeth were humongous. And they used to jut out – worse than a squirrel’s. I used to look like the donkey in Shrek whenever I smiled. I stopped smiling. And I refused to let anyone take my pictures.

When I was in class eight, my parents took me to an orthodontist. Four teeth would have to be pulled out, he declared. “What? 4 teeth!” I squawked. That was going to hurt as hell. No way was I going to endure all that pain.  I left the clinic in a flood of tears.

The next morning I went to see the orthodontist for one last time. He smiled and pointed to a red plastic strip on the table in front of me. On it were the words – BRACES ARE NOT FOREVER BUT SMILES ARE…

So I ended up getting those grotesque braces after all. And a couple of years later, I was smiling again. So as we celebrate WORLD SMILES DAY on Friday, 5th October, here’s a big cheer for all the dentists and orthodontists out there, for giving a lot of us our smiles back.



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15 Responses to Smiles are Forever…

  1. Neelam Sudhir says:

    This is so sweet of you to share your dentist story and put some smile on my face otherwise, my smile is lost somewhere in Toronto and I am trying to bring it back.
    Thanks for making me smile and it is true keep smiling!!!

  2. Anjali says:

    awww traumas we carry with us :S :S
    i have been through braces for my daughter too. and she still suffers after they have been removed. great smiles but a lot of sufferance… anyway! happy smiles day to you too!
    :) )

  3. Mithu Nayak says:

    Thanks for sharing Sangeeta. We all have our experiences with the Dentist leaving us scarred for life..:)

  4. kaashyapi says:

    funny… :) :)
    nice tip @sangeetabhargava..
    ill suggest ur idea for weight loss…;)
    made me smile tooo…:))

  5. Kishore says:

    Have undergone orthodontia and have had 4 molars extracted for the same.I know what a painful and a long drawn process it is.And those braces, they look hideous.

  6. Anju Bala says:

    Awww, this is so funny but very cute. Thanks Sangeeta for putting smile on my face by sharing this experience of yours.
    Happy Smiles Day….

  7. meena says:

    aww its funny but the truth

    poor teeth poor u had to suffer

    bt u know what jaise jassi jaisi koi nah vaise sangeeta jaisibhi koi nahin na

    and as you say
    keep smiling life is beautiful

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