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Here’s a review of the book:

Another raj story; English girl meets her prince charming. And he is tall, dark, handsome and a prince to boot. A nawab. The inevitable happens. But does love triumph in the end? Well, you have to read Sangeeta Bhargava’s The World Beyond to find out.

For me, what works and really well is Lucknow on the eve of and build up to the momentous uprising of 1857 soon to follow. She is the real heroine of the story. About those who love her and those who covet her, her rise and her fall. Some of the parts were so well written that I could see the story playout as if in a movie. Hmm. An idea that?

The beautiful cover – shades of blue, pink, red and gold is perfectly captures the essence of the world in which this story is paced. But one jarring note – the heroine is shown wearing a sari – how we wear it now. I think this was not in vogue during then. However a minor error…I need not be so nitpicking.

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