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Hello friends. How are you today? In high spirits I hope, what with Diwali round the corner and Christmas less than two months away :) Come, let’s usher in the festive season with a competition, shall we?

Okay, so here’s what you do. To enter this competition, send me your picture of my book, The World Beyond. That’s all. As simple as that.

The Prize:

The picture that gets the maximum votes will win a signed hardback copy of After the Storm - UK edition (worth £ 20.00/ Rs. 1800.00).



You can send me as many entries as you wish. Just make sure the picture is in jpg or a similar format, so that it can be uploaded on facebook.

You can use props, people, animals… whatever background you choose, but The World Beyond should be the lead heroine in the picture ;)

Where to send:

You can post your entries on Sangeeta Bhargava facebook page, The World Beyond page or even the wall on my personal profile page. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can email your entries to –

Last Date:

The competition will close at the end of November. But don’t wait until the last date and start clicking right away. If you haven’t yet got your copy of The World Beyond, order it now. It is not too late ;)

Who wins:

Voting will take place sometime in December. The picture that wins the maximum votes will win a signed hardback copy of After the Storm, as mentioned earlier.

The winning entry will also be used as the cover picture of The World Beyond facebook page and the runners up picture will be used as the cover picture for the Book Pulse page.

So be as creative and original as you can. Ready? … set… go… :)


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  1. TiNa Aggarwal says:

    Hope to see you soon here!!!!

    Smilesss :)

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