Why this Inbox Dilemma di?


Made any new year resolutions? Still going strong or broken them already? Ah well…

I resolved, as on many other years previously, to follow the RDF principal with regard to my inbox. What’s RDF, you ask. It’s – Reply Delete File. So starting 1st January 2012, every single day I will reply to every message in my inbox, then either delete it or file it. Which basically means that each night before I hit the pillow, my inbox will be empty. Simple.

So I started. I replied to the first ten messages in no time. Voila. However, it was when I was about to reply to the 11th message that disaster struck. I got back the reply to the 1st message. Now remember, I need to RDF every single message that I receive that day, so I re-replied the first message and went back to the 11th one.

Ting ting ting – replies to the first, second and third messages have arrived. My, aren’t all my friends efficient! I re-re-reply to the first, re-reply the second and third and go back to the 11th message.

Ting ting ting ting. Okay, now I’m on a treadmill. My sweaty clammy fingers are jogging faster and faster on the keyboard. I no longer know whether I’m replying to the 7th, re-replying the 3rd or re-re-re-replying the 1st :O

I glance at the clock. It’s almost midnight. And I haven’t yet got past the 11th message. Oh what the heck! Tomorrow is another day… ;)

But as I hit the pillow, all I can think is – why this, why this, inbox dilemma di??


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6 Responses to Why this Inbox Dilemma di?

  1. Madhumita says:

    Hope like and everyone else..our resolutions are easy to follow. Good luck with the New Year and your new book.

  2. abhishek sharma says:

    sangeeta ji , wish u a blast year. first time i congat your beautiful web side, i 10000% with you with.
    abhishek sharma

  3. V Khawani says:

    Ha!I have stopped trying it after many efforts…at present, I have thousands of messages in my inbox….unread ! it used to disturb me…not any more !
    aaj kare so kaal kar, kaal kare so parson,
    itni jaldi kya hai pyare, jeena hai jab barson !

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